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chunkmonsters's Journal

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Are you a little chunk monster?

Maybe just a overweight?
Maybe just an underweight anorexic or bulimic?
Maybe you could stand to lose 5lbs? 15lbs? 50lbs?
Maybe 500+lbs?
Maybe you love just being who you are and how you look?
Maybe you enjoy supporting others through membership or comments?
Maybe you think your weight is 'perfect,' but you just thought Chunk Monsters is a funny phrase?

MAYBE this is the place for you! ;)

Join the chunk monsters in our journey as we keep this community as a place for us to write about our favorite foods, places to eat, or how we are trying to lose weight, our exercise plans. This can even be used as a food-diary to keep track of your fat/caloric intake. More importantly, we want to hear about your success! But, we're not limited to food - you can post or share anything in this community! Any judgemental people will instantly be banned from commenting, along with anyone who thinks it's funny to make fun of person based on their weight. Take note that all anonymous comments are screened by default.

So come on! Join the club! ;)

This community is run by:
The maintainer: comment_diva
And her faithful sidekick: snarfgoddess.