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'Allo 'allo

::Peeks over here:: Hiyas. I was looking at the user-info thing for this journal, and was...highly amused! Sounds like who's running this has a good sense of humor on their shoulders! Or...something.

So...I'm this whole thing. First community joined ever, woohoo!

So...first thing's first. Who I am!
Name: Caity
Age: 19
Highest Weight: 226
Current Weight: 156
Aiming For: 135-142

::Looks over a few other posts around here:: I don't count calories, really. I'm on the Weight Watchers POINTS system. That, and being active in general has been working (as you can tell!).

Speaking of being active...I got my cross-training class tonight. Not with the usual teacher, though. So that makes me nervous. Maybe I'll hide in the back so I can sneak off the floor to get water from time to time.

So...I'm friendly! Love me, hug me, ask me what a kitola is. I'm a good puppy and shall explain aaaanything anyone wants to know.
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