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Date:2004-03-08 21:04
Subject:Femmes for Femmes
Mood: creative


We are looking for plus size women to participate in our website Dynamite Dames! If you’ve got purple hair,
no hair, tattoos, piercings, if you’re black white or anything in between……WE WANT YOU!!!

We are striving to be the first adult site dedicated to representing the gorgeous plus sized community to show not only are we sexy, we’re diverse and we are breaking down the beauty boundaries.

Email for more info and application



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Date:2003-12-28 16:14
Subject:Howdy everyone!
Mood: sick

I just joined so let me tell you a little bit about myself. I've got a busy year coming up. Let me give you the run down.

April- Convention where I'll meet a bunch of people that I talk to everyday online
July or August- My 10 year high school reunion, HS crush will be there.
October- Family member's wedding. Haven't seen that side of the family years.

Right now I'm at 210. I feel ok about myself. I look cute and everything is in the right place without too much jiggle. I've also been told my boobs {:0)} are great so I'm really not too worried. The only real thing I hate on my body is my arms. They jiggle and they always have. Even when I was thinner they were my downfall.

I want to get back into a size 12. That's where I was 4 years ago when my brainiac doctor discoverd that I have an underactive thyroid. That contributed my rapid weight loss and supposed mood swings. He put me on some synthroid crap to jump start it back to normal. Well I gained back more than I had lost. Plus I work in a fancy hotel with a fancy resteraunt. It is not really condusive to weight loss when the Chef is a talented pastry man.

Later this month I'm joining the Y again. It's right down the street from my hotel and I know I'll be able to go at least 3 times a week. Plus it's cheaper than the name brand gyms. I don't know if I'll be able to do it but I'm gonna try. BTW, if anyone has any suggestions or advice for me I will gladly accept them.

Thanks and wish me luck.

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Date:2003-12-20 22:08
Subject:Off-topic: Please describe your job to help others choose one.


I just started a new community, aboutmyjob, where I invite all of you to post your thoughts about your current or past jobs. I'm hoping my community will help young people to answer that very difficult question "What do I want to be?".

Please check out the description via the link above. If you want to post, there's no need to join the community, you can do so right away.

Thanks in advance for sharing, and helping.

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Date:2002-10-12 18:25
Mood: flirty

hi i'm new. i am fat and proud! Add me if you want :)

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Date:2002-10-12 18:25
Mood: flirty

hi i'm new. i am fat and proud! Add me if you want :)

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Date:2003-03-29 22:15
Mood: hungry

Hi I'm new to this community. My name is Brandy, I'm 20 years old and I am also an insulin dependant diabetic (since I was 11) I don't think I am obese but I am definetly a chunkabutt! I'm 5' and a 36DD so my body type is anything but average! I weigh apx 140 lbs and would like to get down to about 120 give or take a few...I am going out tomorrow for some diet pills and slim fast...anyone have any inspiration or success stories or suggestions for yours truly? if so please feel free to share!

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Date:2003-02-25 16:13
Subject:New LJ Community

Hey, I just wanted to put the word out that there is a new LJ community that focuses on binge eating. I think it's just getting its feet off the ground. If you or anyone you know could benefit from sharing about your bingeing or compulsive overeating, visit bellyfire


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Date:2003-01-07 09:17
Subject:CLEAR!! *BzzZzZZzzt*

::Looks to the nurse:: Does it live?

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Date:2002-12-07 11:50
Subject:Skinny Cows

Anyone out there heard of these ice creams? They're 98% fat free, and GOOD. I've only ever had the Ice cream sandwiches...they make great desserts.

Skinny Cow Flavors (And WW Points Values)
Chocolate - 2
Vanilla - 2
Peanut Butter - 3
Mint - 2
Peppermint - 3
Strawberry Shortcake - 3

.....So. It's really quiet over here lately. How is everyone?

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Date:2002-10-26 09:38
Subject:The Kitola makes random observations.
Mood: quixotic

Did you know that SPAM bounces? It's true.

Now, in my mind....food shouldn't be able to BOUNCE.

Obviously, this draws the conclusion that SPAM is not food, right?

Though it does get me to wonder....what has a longer shelf life? SPAM...or Twinkies? Either way, those'll still be around when the nuclear holocaust hits. SPAM, Twinkies, and the cockroaches.

+ 4 pounds lost and forgotten ++ drink a slim fast+

Date:2002-10-24 16:31
Subject:'Allo 'allo
Mood: weird

::Peeks over here:: Hiyas. I was looking at the user-info thing for this journal, and was...highly amused! Sounds like who's running this has a good sense of humor on their shoulders! Or...something.

So...I'm new...at this whole thing. First community joined ever, woohoo!

So...first thing's first. Who I am!
Name: Caity
Age: 19
Highest Weight: 226
Current Weight: 156
Aiming For: 135-142

::Looks over a few other posts around here:: I don't count calories, really. I'm on the Weight Watchers POINTS system. That, and being active in general has been working (as you can tell!).

Speaking of being active...I got my cross-training class tonight. Not with the usual teacher, though. So that makes me nervous. Maybe I'll hide in the back so I can sneak off the floor to get water from time to time.

So...I'm friendly! Love me, hug me, ask me what a kitola is. I'm a good puppy and shall explain aaaanything anyone wants to know.

+ 3 pounds lost and forgotten ++ drink a slim fast+

Date:2002-08-09 22:56

tee hee hee. I love Jen.

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Date:2002-08-08 22:26
Subject:chunky monkey

welcome to the community! tell your friends, get people to join! and as always, make yourself at home. ;)

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